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hidden island

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2-4 person


Spend a night on a private island and feel the magic of the nature. Most part of the island is protected, and you can find unspoiled forest around you. The island has also many nature delicate: berries and mushrooms, you can freely taste. Or would you like to swim in cool water or row around the lake?

You spend the night in a small and simple wilderness cabin, sleeping tight in silence. Without electricity you will light oil lamps and candles in the evening and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace.

The guide will take you to the island with rowing boat and shows you how to use fireplace and gas oven. You will also prepare dinner together with the guide before she leaves you for the night. In the morning you will be picked up around 10.00 o’clock.

Season: May- September

Duration: from afternoon 16.00 to the morning 11.00 

Price: 175,00€ / person ( min 2 persons, max 4), including overnight on the island, open fire dinner, simple breakfast and guiding.


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