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kayaking trips

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from 85€

3H up to 4 days

2-6 person


2 hours kayaking trip       Price 85€/ person (Price includes kayaking equipment (kayak, paddle, vest), program and guide services. )

Enjoy lake nature with this relaxing kayak trip. Depending on weather will choose the best route for the day. You will get safety instructions and short technique lesson before the trip. We have a break with nice view to lake. After snacks and relaxing we continue our paddling. For this kayaking trip you need slight kayaking experience and you have to be able to swim.

Trip duration is 3 hours. You will get all kayaking equipment for your trip. Remember to take a water bottle, cap and suitable clothes with you. It is also a good idea to bring a towel with you, if you want to swim after your trip.

Wellness kayaking      Price 290€/ person (Price includes kayaking equipment (kayak, paddle, vest), overnight. 2 meals and guide services

This trip is suitable for you if you already have a slight kayaking experience and you are ready for an adventure. We are kayaking on small lakes, totally in two days around 20 km. Trip includes openfire dinner and breakfast on the island.

Trip duration 24 hours. Overnight on private island in a hut or tent.

Kymijoki river kayaking  Price 690€/ person (Price includes kayaking equipment (kayak, paddle, vest), overnights, meals  in program and guide services.

This trip takes you to lakes and famous Kymijoki river. We will spend three days and two nights and you will see the best parts of this kayaking route in Iitti. The canal and tunnel of Kimola, Hiidenvuori hill, spactalucalar Kymijoki river and much more. We will eat local delicates and overnight in small country hotels.

Please contact us and find out more kayaking possibilities!


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