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heart of the swamp

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We start our trip from the gate of the local recycling centre. Lahti is the European green capital 2021 and recycling level in the city is remarkably high. From recycling centre we walk about 1,5 km to Linnaisten suo, one of the largest nature reservation areas in Lahti. There is a wooden path through the swamp. Spruce trees and pine forest are surrounding the swamp area and there are living many birds in these forests. In the middle of the swamp, you will feel like in the real wilderness, though only 7 km from Lahti city centre.

We will have warm drink and snack during our route.

Your guide is a professional nature guide.

Please note, that you need to wear proper walking boots and suitable outdoor clothes for this trip.

Minimum 2 persons for this trip.

Price: 65,00 €/ person. Family price: 2 adults and 1-2 child 145,00€ / family. ( Please note the length of the trip app. 6 km.)



2-10 person



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