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playing in snow

Winter fun



4-12 person

This trip is for entire family-  playing together in snow! We build up snow castle or snow labyrinth depending on snow condition. You can test how it feels to rest in snow hole like many animals do in winter time to keep themselves warm. During our trip we have some warm drinks and snacks.  You need lots of good spirit and warm clothes -  then just enjoy snow!

Trip duration is 2 hours.

You need to have warm clothes, shoes, gloves and headwear. ( you can borrow some hats, gloves and warm socks from guide.) We have some warm drinks and snack during our trip.

​​This trip can take place in December - March  at 11.00-13.00 o'clock on weekdays and 10.00-12.00 o'clock on weekend. Reservations at latest two days before trip date.  

Wheather limitation: -20 degrees.

Minimum 4 persons.

Price: 59,00 €/ person or family price: 2 adults+ 1-2 children 129,00€.



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