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adventure birhtday

195€/ group

2 H

4-10 person


Adventure birhtday party will take children close to nature. Adventure starts from forest elf's map hide and continues along paths and rocks to elf's secret home. There we will have a snack and learn about life of forest animals and plants.

Trip is suitable for children between 6-9 years.

Trip duration is app. 2 hours. We will walk in variable ground, so you need to wear weather suitable clothes and shoes ( rubber boots).

We have a break and snacks during trip.

Trip can take place in May-September at 17.00-19.00 o'clock on weekdays and 13.00-15.00 o'clock on weekend. October- April trip can take place only on weekends. Reservation at latest two weeks before!

Price: 195,00 €/ group. Group size 4-10 children + 1-2 adults.

Price includes program and guide services. Snacks will be priced separately after your wishes. For example: juice+ rolled bun for children and coffee+ rolled bun for adults 4,00€/person.