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These school camp programs are planned to take place in Lahti region.

It is easy to modify these programs as well as combine them with each other. Price examples are for groups max 20 students. Bigger groups are also possible, please don’t hesitate to ask price for them. Price includes theory and practise and the teacher/guide will be educated nature and wilderness guide. Price does not include accommodation, transportation or meals. We are happy to help You though to organise them also.

Contact us and let us plan an unforgettable school camp program for Your group!


  1. Environment: Price: from 450,00€ / group (max 20 students). Duration 1 h theory + 2 h practise in nature. 

    1. Ice age and how it has shaped Finnish landscape

    2. Forests in Finland

    3. Bogs in Finland

    4. Lake environment

    5. Seasons in Finland

  2. Flora&Fauna: Price: from 450,00€ / group (max 20 students)
    1. Wild food in the forest
    2. Mushrooms
    3. Birds in Finland
    4. Get a fish!
    5. Animals in Finnish nature
  3. Activities: Price: 450,00€ / group (max 20 students). Note that equipment cost will be added to this price depending on group size.

    1. Hiking​

    2. Nordic walking

    3. Making a bird house

    4. Snow shoe walking

    5. Fishing/ Ice fishing

    6. Kayaking

  4. Wilderness: Price: from 450,00€ / group (max 20 students)

    1. How to find you way in wilderness​

    2. Wilderness gear

    3. Everymans right

    4. Forest industry in past and today

    5. Wilderness escape, price from 595,00€/ group ( max 20 students).

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