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your own birdhouse

89 €


2-15 person


Combine tradition with present, handicraft and social media!

Flycatchers, starlings, tree creepers, whistlers and owls -  all of them need old trees and holes for nesting. Because there is a lack of suitable trees, we Finns help our birds by building thousands of birdhouses every year. Now You can be part to this project by building Your own birdhouse!

You build a birdhouse together with a nature guide. You can choose which bird You want to help by building a suitable size home for it. You can also decorate your birdhouse with bark or lichen.  When the birdhouse is ready we take it to the forest. You can choose where You want to put your birdhouse and help the guide hang it there. We give a number to the birdhouse and mark it on the map.

If You want You can sign in to Facebook group ”Your own birdhouse” and follow what is going on in  your house. Guide will update photos and stories to the site. And hopefully You will continue this new hobby and build more birdhouses at your home and add them also to our birdhouse net!

Trip duration is app. 4 hours. 

This trip can take place in April-  October  at 10.00-14.00 o'clock.

Reservations at latest two days before trip date.  

Minumum 2 persons for this trip.

Price: 89,00 €/ person. Family price: 2 adults and 1-2 child 249,00€ / family.

Price includes: birdhouse, guiding, warm drink and snacks, updates to facebook.


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